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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Much as we wish that all Jews kept Torah and Mitzvos, we all know the reality is that some Jews are more observant, and some are less. I can deal with that, by which I do not mean it's ok with me. I mean I understand that this is the way it is, even if I wish it were different. But this is not an essay on kiruv, so I'm moving on.

What gets me is when I see inconsistencies in a person. I'm not even thinking about the cell phone guy I wrote about previously, who is a well known g'vir and osek b'tzibbur, yet doesn't care whose davening he disturbs.

I'm thinking about the guy sitting next to me on my return flight to Israel on Air Canada (the movies were not nearly as bad this time). He was a cool looking young adult, probably early 20s, longish dirty blond hair, possibly with a short pony-tail if I recall correctly. But he was wearing a kippah and he said Tefillas HaDerech as we were taxiing. No problem so far, I see lots of kippah + pony tail wearers. Just go to any Carlebach minyan.

But when he got back from a washroom visit, his kippah was gone and when they served the meals, he had the standard airline meal, not a kosher one. Remember, Air Canada, not El Al, where one can argue that all the meals are kosher.

So what do I make of this inconsistency?

A) Right then on that flight, ba'derech to Israel, is when he decided to go off the derech. Hmm, maybe that's what his Tefillas HaDerech was all about.

B) He's slowly coming onto the derech, but not all the way there yet. He forgot to order to a kosher meal and rather than starve, decided he would eat the regular meal. Not wanting to be seen eating a treif airline meal with his kippah on, he took it off.

C) I don't need to understand everything everyone does. That's why he didn't consult with me first.

D) Do you think you're consistent 100% of the time yourself, mister? We all have our quirks, don't be so judgemental.

I dunno, I guess C. And D. Maybe B.


At 9:41 PM, Blogger Ezzie said...

...or he's into certain things and not others. To some extent, we all are. Do a search on my blog for tefilas haderech - I have a great story from when I was in Israel about that. I'm guessing that the people in that story also don't always eat Kosher, wear yarmulkes, etc.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Rea said...

I guess we should judge him favorably and say that he wasn't paying attention when the food was served so he ate it b'Shogeig, and he holds like the Gra that wearing a head covering is only a Minhag Chasidus.


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