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Monday, May 21, 2007

I Will not be Intimidated Anymore!

There have been several occasions, either after something happened to me, or after something I read that happened to someone else, that felt I had something to say. But nothing substantial or insightful enough to create a whole formal post containing deep thoughts like my previous pearls. And so, this blog has been lying fallow for 6 months.

Finally, I decided "Who cares!" It's my blog and I'll say whatever, whenever and as much or as little as I want to. Isn't that the point? No one's forcing you to read this.

For whom exactly I am writing this, is another question. If I don't care about you, the reader, than I must be only writing it for myself. But since I already know what I think, what's the point of that? Maybe I'll win the coveted blogademy award in the Toronto-RBS-blogs-by-American-expatriates cateogry, and I'll generate substantial passive income from all the advertising traffic, allowing me to retire with income for life no matter what the markets are doing.

So you see, I really do care about my readers since you're the ones who will vote for me. There now, don't you feel as special as those companies who assure you your call is important to them while you wait on hold for 45 minutes make you feel?

So I will no longer be intimidated by having too little to say. I will speak. And you shall read!

Stay tuned.