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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing 4 is a hit!

Once again, not generally my thing, but worthy of an exception - another kid story.

Thing 4 was in his crib last night singing a song, and I started singing the tune to different words, which I thought were funny. He didn't agree and after saying, "No, Abba, don't sing that!" he promptly whacked me on the chest.

Of course, that was not acceptable, so I told him I was leaving. So he started to cry. I said, "Thing 4, why are YOU crying? I'm the one that got hit!" After a few tries from me asking why he was crying, in between wails, he finally got out, "You...don't...have...to...know!"

Then he started calling "Eeeeemmaa!" "What, Thing 4?" "Abba doesn't let me hit him!"



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